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Season 1

Brooke Huggins

The Coven was a great place to learn what makes a background good for animation. Cody was a very understanding teacher and everyone here is so supportive! We all help push each other's work to become even better. "

Eli Osborne

Wonderful experience! Cody is a welcoming and adaptable teacher who fosters a great learning environment. Great place to hear industry advice and build your portfolio among peers. "
Sarah Doo

I had a wonderful experience being mentored by Cody! Friendly to all skill levels and highly recommended to those who want constructive feedback on BG Paint/Design. "
Season 2

Priya Kakati

" As a visual development artist I wanted to broaden my knowledge further and learn how to design Backgrounds for TV and luckily I came across the application for Cody’s mentorship, and I’m glad I did! In just a few weeks from when I started, I could see growth in my work, and it’s all thanks to Cody and my peers and their feedback and encouragement. It’s nice to be a part of this growing community where artists look out for each other and their growth, and I’d recommend this class to anyone looking to learn more about Background Design! "​​​​​​​

Season 3

Briar Eisenbeiss

"Cody's a great teacher! I'd recommend the Coven to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of BG design and paint and is trying to find a community of people who are trying to do the same."

Josh Gong

"Coven of the Arts was absolutely one of the best art classes I had ever taken. Cody Wiley is not only a great mentor but a very warm and welcoming person that made every class feel like a safe place where we could share our thoughts and critiques on our art. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that this class changed my art career trajectory because of all the things I had learned and of all the wonderful people I met during my time there!"

Lauren Lauth

"CotA is the perfect class for anyone interested in pursuing background paint/design! I learned so much about the animation industry and it enabled me to become a part of a welcoming community of so many talented artists. Cody is a fantastic mentor and will constantly go the extra mile to help, support and look out for others. Overall, I highly recommend joining the Coven!"

Season 4

Grace Maavere

"Cody has a wealth of knowledge to share regarding background design and paint! His instruction is thorough, constructive, and kind. I found myself venturing out of my comfort zone to explore new techniques during our season as a direct result of the encouraging environment fostered by both Cody and the rest of my fellow Coven members."


"Cody's a fantastic teacher and I loved my time in CoTA! It was really helpful to receive personalized feedback each week, learn tips and tricks of the trade from Cody, and also to get to know so many incredible and talented artists. I recommend CoTA for anyone looking to get into Background Paint/Design or even just hone their skills with the guidance of an industry professional!"

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